Say No Classic has website up to speed

The website features scores from last weekend. Some game photos here, and the newsletter with the standings includes some interesting info:

The UCLA faithful should be
excited when Jasmine Dixon
suits up in December. Dixon
scored a game high 26 points
in the win.

I was poised to see her and UCLA teammate Darxia Morris play today, but all the Bruins were at kids camp at their school, teaching young ballers all they know. A good thing, but I was disappointed.

The standings going into today’s games puts my team in a tie for fourth, which works for me. I want to see some playoff action next weekend, yo.

Here are some photos from last Saturday:

Coach Onye Ibekwe on the sidelines while his T.E.A.M. ’09 plays.

Recently-graduated Bruin Chinyere Ibekwe watches the action with a friend.