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All-Star game: West 130, East 118

What a fun game to watch. Probably the most entertaining All-Star game I’ve ever seen, with all the smiles and laughter both on the court and on the bench. Players on both teams just looked like they were having fun – the entire reason they began playing in the first place.

Seattle’s Swin Cash was MVP, which seems to have been a surprise for both herself and fans.

Good ol’ Sylvia Fowles threw down a comical dunk in the closing seconds of the highest-scoring All-Star game in history. It wasn’t a serious dunk, aka not done in the flow of/as an actual part of the game. But fun was the order of the day, as it should have been at that point in the game, when no one needed to score anymore.

Charde Houston, Sophia Young and Cappie Pondexter won the All-Star Skills Challenge before the game. Becky Hammon won the All-Star Three-Point Shootout.

The only thing that would have made the game even better would have been to be there in person. But since the WNBA won’t ever schedule an All-Star game anywhere near the west coast, I don’t see that happening for me anytime soon.

Anytime one of us west coast residents takes issue with this east coast bias, someone brings up the unsuccessful Phoenix game many years ago. I wonder what these people do for a living, and I hope they don’t work with kids. Because you’ve got to try, try, try again in this life. So what if it didn’t work before; that doesn’t mean it will never work. West coast residents deserve to be able to host an All-Star game too.

Why not, at the very least, move it to San Antonio in the middle of the country? This is an insatiable basketball town. Where is the women’s Final Four to be held next year? You got it.

Wake up, WNBA. Allow others to enjoy the All-Star game.

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