ESPN writer says Parker should be a WNBA All-Star

Love the opening line in this piece.

And though I’m not sure I completely agree with the writer’s assertion that the league should give “star” treatment to Candace Parker and let her into the game tomorrow, I love him for making the case:

The league should make her an honorary All-Star just for suiting up after giving birth.

Heck, my ex-wife barely got out of bed for two weeks after giving birth.

CP was running suicides.

I also think it’s gutsy of the writer to add this line:

On top of that, it still hasn’t figured out how to cultivate its large lesbian fan base without fearing the alienation of its straight fans.

Although, as a Storm season ticket holder, everyone got along fine. And Sparks MVP’s get along just as well.

If that Lakers player had only put up 10 points halfway through the season after coming back from an injury, would the NBA make him an all-star? It makes you wonder.