Angel McCoughtry puts things in perspective

Two things I like about the Atlanta forward are that she’s reflective, and she learns quickly. Case in point – meeting a 12-year-old fan who is a cancer patient:

I sent some signed shirts and gifts immediately. I know the doctors say she doesn’t have long to live but I believe she does. And I’m asking all of you to pray for Heather as I will pray for her every night in my prayers.

Before I got to know Heather I was very frustrated because I wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. I would be the first one in the gym and the last one to leave, I would lift extra and do everything coach asked me to do but I still couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t playing. But after meeting Heather I realized my problems just aren’t that bad and I am truly blessed! God has a plan for us all.

That is some strong faith. If I didn’t already like McCoughtry, I would now.