Quick hits: Chantelle’s commentary, Cooper looking ahead, All-Star design

Former WNBA forward Chantelle Anderson has probably the most sane commentary about DUI-suspended Diana Taurasi to date:

But neither do I think, after all the good she’s done for the community through the league and on her own time, that she should be punished in the court of public opinion for the remainder of her career because of one mistake. Does it make sense that people are mad and maybe a little hurt for a while? Absolutely. Should she be sacrificed as the Michael Vick of the WNBA? No way.

Sparks Coach Michael Cooper is looking ahead to his new job at USC:

“The biggest difference he’ll have is that instead of it being a four-hour-a-day job where once the game is over you don’t have to worry about your players to becoming a much more time consuming venture,” Stanley said……

“He’s in for a tough job there dealing with kids who have yet to pay taxes,” Thompson said. “But he’ll adapt well. He’s a really good coach and hopefully he’ll get them back where they belong among the Pac-10 elite.”

The WNBA All-Star game T-shirt winning design has been revealed. It’s OK, but it’s kind of plain. They should have picked something more edgy.