Sparks quick hits

Uno: Candace Parker says hell no, daughter Lailaa will not go to UConn.

Dos: A quick bit on Tina Thompson.

Tres: At the Sparks game viewing party tonight, I picked up a flyer inviting fans to send in a demo DVD if they want to perform the National Anthem before a game. Please, fans, if you do this, be a group and not a lone singer. Groups with harmonies don’t tear the Anthem up; singles do.

Quatro: Shelden Williams was again holding a blanket with a baby in it close to his chest during tonight’s Sparks @ Connecticut game. We still haven’t seen the baby yet, but that’s another topic. What occured to me when ESPN2 flashed “Shelden and Lailaa Williams” on the screen was that this was a scene from the movie “Love and Basketball.” Sometimes art imitates life and other times life imitates art. This is a case of the latter.