Big girls play summer ball too

Since today marks the commencement of one of the premier adult women’s basketball leagues in Los Angeles, I thought it was high time to link the NCAA-certified list of summer leagues. These leagues represent a prime opportunity for fans to see their favorite collegiate players in a competitive environment that isn’t their own team. Today there were numerous D1, 2, 3 and JC athletes ballin it up at USC.

Here are the NCAA guidelines for participation, as stated at the top of the above-linked page:

NCAA Division I student-athletes with remaining eligibility may participate in the following certified summer leagues only on the dates identified in the “Certified Dates” column and only after receiving Director of Athletics’ Permission. All Division I players must limit their competition to one team in one league (See:One Team, One League). If a student-athlete participates in a two-day activity those student-athletes cannot participate in any other organized basketball activity for the duration of the summer.

Leagues are listed in alphabetical order by the league name.

Note: League certification DOES NOT permit NCAA Division I basketball coaching staff members to attend. Please consult the list of certified events to identify those competitions that Division I coaches may attend.

Between the LA Summer Showcase and all the club ball team games I’m attending this month, I won’t be missing my WNBA team (out of town for a month) much right now.