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Sparks issues

Oh cripes, Lisa Leslie was sitting on the bench last night. I’ll have a picture of that later tonight.

Nice piece on Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton, including this quote:

“She’s eager to learn,” Milton-Jones said. “Her eyes are wide open and it seems like everything is going a million miles an hour. I’m impressed with her poise. There were times she could’ve been rattled and turned the ball over but she allowed the game to come to her.”

Finally, I need to give the Sparks organization props for giving free tickets to last night’s game to those who attended the pep rally in May. I was gifted with four tickets, and one of my best friends and section mates gave me two of hers. So I brought six of my kids to the game, and they had such a great time. Thanks, Sparks, for providing those opportunities for kids to go.

I’ll have pictures from last night’s game later this evening.

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