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Twitter update

The Los Angeles Sparks at last provide some updates:

1. Practices have been “grueling” the last couple days as the team prepares for Friday’s game against Phoenix.

2. Tina Thompson had to get three stitches on her chin to repair the damage done in Friday’s Indiana game.

Candace Parker’s in-laws are in town, and she and her mother-in-law both beat husband Shelden Williams in bowling tonight. CP then went on to gloat about it fiercely…….I feel sorry for Williams. It would be hard being married to a person who is that competitive. She probably races him down the stairs.

Nikki Caldwell has been having a lot of amusing ponderings lately.

Shyra Ely thanks god for just about everything. No matter who you think is responsible, gratitude is a beautiful thing.

Dawn Staley’s campers wore her out today dancing to dances she doesn’t necessarily know.

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