Quotes on Sparks-Shock from LA Times, + pictures

Of course the LA Times put the short game story on page 15 of today’s sports section, and naturally, the story isn’t online.

Reporter Mark Medina writes on the Pierson-Thompson incident:

Laimbeer said afterward that ‘Tina did it on purpose.’ Cooper wanted to see the replay but noted, ‘Bill is always going ot have a different take on things.’ And Thompson said, ‘I’ve never intentionally hurt or fouled anyone in the game.’

People either assume everyone else is lying, or they assume everyone else is telling the truth. I’m the latter, so TT’s comment is good enough for me.

Medina quotes Cooper on the Sparks:

‘You don’t want anything like last year to happen again,’ Cooper said. ‘I’m glad we just kept our focus. What we were doing was playing good basketball.’

That first sentence is telling. Indeed.

Pics from wnba.com:

Happy Bobbitt and CP

LL and Snoop Dogg