Sparks updates

Sparks Coach Michael Cooper already knows who he’s going to cut to make the June 5 deadline before Saturday’s regular-season opener, but he won’t reveal anything until after today’s pre-season game against Connecticut, at noon PDT.

Tina Thompson and Betty Lennox are bending to fit the team mold, which will make the Sparks extra scary this year. And teammates have noticed Lisa Leslie‘s improved health lately.

And then there is the Waiting for CP situation:

“It is a major change for Candace,” Leslie said. “I call her ‘the baby [of the team],’ but now it’s different because the baby has a baby. It’s an adjustment.”

“Having a baby is not glamorous; you need a great support system. [Parker’s husband, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Shelden Williams] will be a great dad. It’s tough, but one advantage she has is her age in terms of recovery time.”

Leslie also mentioned that because Parker had a natural birth, instead of a Caesarian section as Leslie did, Parker’s rehabilitation time will likely be much shorter. She is expected to be able to return to the team sometime in July. But until then, the Sparks can rest assured that with the help of their newcomers, Thompson and Lennox (and two of their veterans, Leslie and Milton-Jones), the team will be fully capable of adapting to its one-month super challenge.

Leslie is back in twitterville.

And finally, happy birthday to both Sparks co-owners, Kathy Goodman and Carla Christofferson. Kathy shares my birthday, today, and I’m pretty sure she turns 45. Carla’s day is tomorrow, and she’s my age – 42. Kathy and Carla have completely changed the fan culture of the Sparks since taking over, and they are easily the coolest, most accessible WNBA owners in the league.