Los Angeles Sparks: a kudo and a prediction

I’d like to commend Sparks co-owners Kathy Goodman and Carla Christofferson for working so hard to build a solid and deep team this year. You’ve both been busting your butts over time, and that’s admirable.

You’ve also rebounded well after being caught off-guard with Coach Michael Cooper’s announcement that he was considering the head coach job at USC. You didn’t let that trip you up; you came back stronger. I know it’s you two doing all of this, hence the acknowledgement. I hope that your next plan is to find the best coach in the world to take over when Cooper leaves.

Candace Parker: so many people have said about your season this year, “god knows when she’ll be back,” referring to the impending birth of your daughter. I don’t think those people know you very well, though. I’m going on the record right now as predicting you’ll be back in July, if not sooner, and it will seem like you never left.

Thirty-one days til the opening game.