Sparks: bumped and screwed

Sparks fans got an email yesterday notifying us of dates changes for two games: the July 17 home game was rescheduled to Aug. 19, and the Aug. 9 game was moved to Aug. 10. Apparently the first date was changed because promoters are anticipating Beyonce will sell out her July 13 concert and need a second date. The second game was bumped for the boy group the Jonas Brothers.

The change means that the Sparks will only have ONE home game the month of July, and that fans won’t get to see the team for an entire month. The team will have four home games for June and July, and 10 in August:

Though the schedule hasn’t been this imbalanced ever, in my memory, the rescheduling has happened before. In 2006 the Sparks’ PLAYOFF game was moved to Anaheim so they could have some circus at Staples Center. The rationale is that the concert/other events make more money, so they have to reschedule the event (Sparks game) that makes less. People jump on that one because money always wins, but I question the scheduling.

If you look at the Staples Center schedule, it’s pretty wide open:

Why don’t they hold their ground, and if an act wants to schedule on a date that the WNBA already has, make the act move? It would only be a day off from what they wanted.

Of course, I already know the answer: people don’t want to stand up for women’s basketball. In some circles it’s still cool to trash female ballers, and especially the WNBA.

I’m trying to look on the bright side: I can go on trips in July, and Candace Parker will be even stronger on the court in August than she would be earlier.

But it’s still wrong to bump a team like that.