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Oklahoma doesn’t plan on making Courtney Paris pay up

Thank god for the voice of reason:

“It’s even more meaningful when someone who committed herself for four years to help her teammates become better, making that kind of symbolic gesture,” Castiglione said. “But having said that, I don’t know of anyone who has had any expectation whatsoever that we would accept the monetary aspect of that gesture.”

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There is actually a debate on the rebkell board about whether or not fans should make donations toward this end. To say they miss the point would be a grave understatement. Fortunately, the folks at Oklahoma know what’s up.

This is a good place to add my National Championship Paris sighting news:

Last night as halftime wound to a close, there were suddenly two tall figures making their way past the press tables and into the tunnel to leave: the Paris twins. The Oklahoma fans, looking sad, had been sitting next to the tunnel as they were on Sunday, and suddenly they started shrieking. Little ones and big ones crowded down towards the bottom to get autographs, and the Paris’ kindly obliged. Ashely seemed particularly happy to be surrounded by fans.

I’m going to miss seeing them as Sooners. Hopefully they’ll both be in the WNBA after tomorrow, though.

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