Jody Wynn in at Long Beach State, Mark Trakh out at USC

Not 15 minutes after I posted yesterday (which was also the last time I was online), I got word that USC assistant coach Jody Wynn was named the new head coach at Long Beach State University. Great news for her, and congrats.

At last night’s National Championship game, I learned that USC really doesn’t know what it wants to do with the women’s basketball program right now. That disturbed me.

Tonight I learned that Coach Mark Trakh resigned today after a meeting with Trojan Athletic Director Mike Garrett:

“I came to the decision that it was the right time and the best thing for both me and USC to step away,” said Trakh. “I loved my time at USC and I’ll always be a fan and supporter of the program. I am forever indebted to Mike Garrett for giving me the opportunity to coach at USC. I wish our players the best of luck in the future. The team will be loaded next year and I won’t be surprised to see them in the Final Four.”

Said USC athletic director Mike Garrett: “We sincerely appreciate the contributions Mark made to the USC women’s basketball program. He gave everything he had to our program. He had some memorable moments and big victories, he recruited well and produced some talented players. He goes out a winner in our eyes. I know he’ll continue to be successful at his next stop.”

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“Forever indebted” and “goes out a winner in our eyes” isn’t the usual language you hear in situations like this. What the hell happened? And what’s going to happen to the USC women’s program now?????