Dateline St. Louis

OK, here are some extras so far………….

– Every living structure seems to be made of brick here. Tornado protection, no doubt, but very different than what I’m used to. Also, I haven’t seen any Hispanic or Asian people since I’ve been here, which is strange for me.

– On the shuttle to the open practices Saturday, I met DeWanna Bonner’s dad, aka one of assistants at Cal State Bakersfield. Coach Greg McCall is not only extremely tall, but amazingly cool. Of course he’d love it if DeWanna got drafted closer to home…..

– Everyone is so friendly here! It’s shocking.

– Saw Joanne Boyle at the open practices. She said she was going for Stanford to keep it in the Pac-10. Uh oh….

– Underneath the basketball court is a sheet of ice, as the Scottrade Center is where the city’s hockey team plays. There is a game Friday night, in fact. This is a very sports-minded town. Cardinals opening day is today, and people are wearing Rams gear nowhere near the season.

– Last night’s games were completely opposite of what I thought they would be. Louisville couldn’t be stopped in the second half, and Stanford played the worst I’ve seen them play in a long, long time.

Angel McCoughtry had a big block at just under 12 minutes to go in the second half, and she screamed and beat her chest. I thought it was kind of funny, but some of the OK fans, who she did that right in front of, were pissed.

I’m still trying to figure McCoughtry out. She seems cocky, but then again not. I don’t know.

– The other day at the high school game, I met Dawn Staley and said hi to Pat Summitt again. I was also waiting for the restroom and Sylvia Hatchell popped out of the stall I was going into. Can’t wait to post pics and tell the full story in a couple days.

– I’ve talked to some UConn fans, and the ones I’ve met are nice. I’m at the Hyatt right now and just saw Geno (four feet in front of me). Too bad I don’t care.

– Today we awoke to snow! I took pictures of it, but it stopped now. Currently it’s just butt cold.

More later, there are people waiting for this computer…………..