Does this make Mark Trakh’s job safe? Or is Michael Cooper going to take it?

USC men’s Coach Tim Floyd is apparently about to be hired at Arizona:

Tim Floyd will be named basketball coach at Arizona, Mark Asher of Sports 620 KTAR, ESPN’s radio affiliate in Phoenix, is reporting according to multiple sources.

Floyd is meeting tonight with Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood to work out the final details of the deal and an announcement is expected Thursday, according to sources.

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The Kansas City Star has it too:

A reader theorizes that this will keep women’s Coach Mark Trakh employed at USC for at least the next year, as a search for a new men’s coach will take priority. (Trakh has come under fire this year for another disappointing season, and his expired contract still hasn’t been renewed as of yet).

I thought the reader might be right until I caught this:

USC is expected to announce today that Sparks coach Michael Cooper will replace Mark Trakh as women’s basketball coach, according to sources…….

Sparks owner Kathy Goodman was stunned when asked if she’d heard about Cooper and said she is expecting him back on the bench next season.

“Michael Cooper committed to coach us this season. He’s under contract, and we’re looking forward to winning a championship,” she said.

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Such drama! I have no idea what is about to happen.