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I was close

For someone who doesn’t do predictions, I was only one point off on both night games.

Connecticut 77
Cal 53

Arizona State 84
Texas A&M 69

Purdue 67
Rutgers 61

Oklahoma 70
Pittsburgh 59

Cal looked really good for a little while in the first half, but Conn’s defense smothers. I like Cal’s progression, though, and hope to see Boyle cutting down nets sometime in the next few years.

I’m surprised by Arizona State’s win, frankly. Nothing personal against them, but I didn’t think they had it in them.

I’m impressed with the way C. Vivian Stringer and Rutgers didn’t give up this season and fought back after a lot of adversity. They have it their all today.

Oklahoma, well, what can you say (They were up by almost 30 at one point in the second half tonight). They and Stanford and UConn are the three best right now, if you ask me. I wonder which two are going to make it. Whichever the case, it won’t come easy.

UConn-Cal story:

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Louisville vs. Maryland, 4 PDT/7 EDT

Iowa State vs. Stanford, 6/9

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