Sparks and Candace Parker reppin at round 2 LA game

We walked out of the parking garage toward Galen Center last night and a very tall figure was standing there…..none other than Sparks Coach Michael Cooper. Gracious, extremely personable and funny as usual, Coop said he was waiting for Candace Parker. He also said they were there to see their (#13) pick play.


If the player is from Cal, it has to be Devanei Hampton, because the ridiculously good Ashley Walker will be gone long before 13. But maybe Hampton will too.

If the player is from Virginia, it’s either Lyndra Littles (13 points last night), Britnee Millner or Aisha Mohammed.

I’m inclined to think it’s a Cavalier. The general public tends to think only in celebrity terms, while owners and coaches look at the player and the needs of the team. How many times have WNBA fans tuned in to the draft and said what? Who is that my team just picked up?

I think any one of those three would look good in a Sparks uniform, but I have a question: when are we going to get some guards?

UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell, Candace Parker and Sparks Coach Michael Cooper prepare to walk into the Galen Center arena.

Sparks General Manager Penny Toler, Sparks co-owner Kathy Goodman, Cooper, some unidentified dude, CP, UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell and UCLA women’s basketball operations manager Pam Walker all watch the game (and the Sparks draft pick) from their perch above the Virginia band.