Joanne Boyle in…..the Wall Street Journal?

Who knew? Nice piece:

WSJ: Eight years ago, you were nearly killed by a brain hemorrhage that left you unable to speak and move for days. How does that affect how you coach today?

Ms: Boyle: Everybody has things that happen in their life that are reality checks. That happened to me my last year at Duke, and it gave me the strength to actually leave Duke. Some people become very comfortable in their situations. We were going to the Final Four every year. I don’t know if I would’ve left my comfort zone if something like that wouldn’t have happened to me.

It was one of those things that, if you can survive that, who cares if you fail as a head coach?

As a coach, you really realize as you get older, as you get caught up in the wins and losses and succeeding and the fear of failure and move, move, move. Along the way, you miss the things that are put in our lives to really enjoy, and that’s the kids and the relationships. I’ve gotten much more at peace with just enjoying the process and the journey more so than the outcome.