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Pat Summitt on Nikki Caldwell


DB: I’m also told that she was known at Tennessee for being a great recruiter.

PS: She is a beautiful person inside and out. When she goes out to recruit, you’re talking about a great role model.

I think there is an appeal because of Nikki’s presence. I know the parents a lot of times would talk about “She is going to be a great role model for our daughter. We want our daughter to be like a Nikki Caldwell.”

The way she carries herself, she has such class and poise, she is a great-looking person, and she is just as good on the inside as she is on the outside.

DB: How have things been without her on the sidelines this year?

PS: I’ve missed her. And when we talk, I leave her messages and tell her, “I really, really miss you, but I’m so proud for you.”

I call because we were so close. We spent so much time together. I want to be staying in touch with her. And I am very happy for her.


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