“what a crappy night”

Someone on one of the message boards summed up tonight’s Oklahoma-Tennessee game with the above phrase, and I must agree.

The Vols started out on fire, but ran out of gas in the first half. Oklahoma won 80-70, which is cool if you’re a Sooner fan but bad if you’re me.

Pat is still at 999.

Worse is that Courtney Paris’ 112-game double-double streak that dated back to December, 2005, is now over. Apparently she was crying when she fouled out of the game.

The worst news is that Vicki Baugh went down in the last few minutes of the game in a way very similar to her ACL tear of April 8, 2008, and on the same knee. She left the court in a wheelchair, a towel over her head.

Good lord, did anything good happen today?