Team dealing with Yow’s death

The “Wolfpack” is still absorbing the loss of longtime Coach Kay Yow, who died Saturday after a 22-year battle with breast cancer. Tonight they play their first game, against Boston College, since her death. Tomorrow is Yow’s funeral and Saturday, she will be buried.

This part will bring tears to your eyes:

To listen to Glance, memories of the players’ last visit with Yow will linger for a long time. The coaching staff had visited Yow often in the hospital — she was admitted the week before her death—and wanted to prepare the players for seeing her frail, weakened and bedridden.

Instead, when the players arrived with a custom-made teddy bear as a gift, Yow was sitting in a chair, alert and eager for the visit filled with jokes, smiles and tears.

“The room was full of energy,” Bell said. “I told some of my teammates the other day she looked full of life. It was her. It was coach Yow, the normal coach Yow.”

Glance called it Yow’s “last gift to the team.”

“She had to have mustered up every bit of energy she had left,” she said.