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Candace Parker is OK with the boys

I can gauge the acceptance of people and concepts, and thus the tone of the near future, by polling my high school students. What kids think is a measure of how far we’ve come/progression, so I tune in when I can.

And as far as the teenage boys at my school are concerned, Candace Parker is cool – even being pregnant.

The hottest football recruit at our school has a crush on CP. Whenever I wear one of my Tennessee T-shirts, and especially my Candace Parker MVP/ROY shirt with her picture on it, he just sighs.

I wore my Tennessee-orange Parker signature Adidas shoes to school recently, and one of the basketball players noticed.

“Kevin Garnets?” he asked me.

“Candace Parkers,” I said.

“Ohhhh,” he nodded.

Tuesday I was with my class of athletes, which includes some football players. I forget how she came up when I was talking to one boy, but he paused and said casually, “she’s pregnant.”

“They say she’ll be back in time to play for the season this year,” I said.

“Oh yeah,” he said with enthusiasm. “She will, no doubt about it.”


In the meantime, this Adidas ad features Parker:

I wonder when they came up with that slogan?

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