Tennessee, Rutgers lose

Big win for Vanderbilt over the Lady Vols today, whom I understand played like crap (box score shows only Alex Fuller in double figures – yikes!)

I guess Commodores Coach Melanie Balcomb decided to treat the Tennessee game as something special this time around. I understand having the practice guys wear orange head bands, but I don’t get playing “Rocky Top” and putting orange mats in front of the locker room. What was she saying there? I feel like someone told a joke thinking it was obvious, but it’s not.

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And then – holy craparoly, but Rutgers lost again today. Third consecutive loss, and the first time they’ve lost that many in a row since 1995-96.

The thing that impressed me most about the game story was that Louisville Coach Jeff Walz immediately began talking to his team after the handshake line. Not to be a party pooper, but because he really is serious about building something:

“We’re trying to get our program to the next level, where they’re talking about us like they’re talking about Connecticut, Notre Dame, Rutgers,” Walz said.

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UCLA had a big win over USC today at home, and I’ll provide a game report tomorrow.