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The Pac-10 still has a way to go, and other things

Stanford killed Washington tonight, 112-35. California beat Washington State 68-45. Previously-thought-of-as-good Oregon State continued its free fall to 0-3 in conference play in losing to Arizona State tonight (previously thought of as washed up). Oregon continued its momentum from Sunday, beating Arizona.

So I guess Washington isn’t that good. People had been making excuses for them before, but maybe they really are just bad.

I’m concerned about Arizona, though, because they only played seven tonight. Four of the starters played all 40 minutes – that’s rough on an athlete. What’s going on? Is everyone injured or sick? I need to call their media relations department and find out.

And as for parity in the Pac-10 – it’s going to be a lot slower in coming that some would like. For now it’s still the Cal and Stanford show.

On the upside, Ashley Walker moved up to second on Cal’s all-time scoring list tonight.

In other parts……..

Tennessee held on to beat the worst team in the SEC tonight. A W is a W, but I was nervous for a bit, because The Kim was texting me that they were tied with Kentucky at the same time the game I was watching at the Fairfax Tournament became tied. (More on that tourney in a little while, when it’s all over, but it’s been great!)

And in what sounds like the most exciting game of the evening, Georgia Tech’s Jacqua Williams scored a bucket with 3.4 seconds left in overtime to put the Yellow Jackets up by one. But Boston College’s Mickel Picco scored on a driving layup with less than a second left to win the game for her team, 65-64. I’m bummed about that because I’ve enjoyed seeing GT finally take its place in the top 25 this season, and with Williams, of Seattle, leading the way. Hopefully the Yellow Jackets can get back on their feet quickly.

Tomorrow, the only top 25 team playing is #10 Duke.

Myself, I’m going to check out the JC game of my kids tomorrow (for the second time this week – I’ve been busy).

I love this time of year.

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