Candace Parker rumor goes unanswered for now

Someone started a rumor on the rebkell board yesterday that the reason Candace Parker isn’t in Russia playing for the team she’d signed with is that she’s pregnant. The thread is now up to seven pages, all crap posts and nothing else. Meanwhile on “The Summitt” board there was a very short thread on this rumor where all the posters said “wow, if it’s true, congrats, Candace!” The difference was funny to me.

In the meantime, what’s the real story?

A longtime Sparks season ticket holder called her representative this morning, who told her she hadn’t heard the rumor and didn’t know anything. I called my own rep this afternoon, and he said no one at the Sparks office had heard anything like this from Parker, but if there was news, Sparks STHs would be the first to know.

Both of these people are genuinely decent human beings, so I know they’re not pulling our legs; they really don’t know anything. If Parker is indeed with child, she hasn’t told her USA employer.

Personally, I’m not going to speculate. There’s this old 80’s song “Rumors,” by the Timex Social Club, that I think of during times like this. But Monique and I were talking tonight at the Fairfax Tournament, and if it’s true, we’d like our money back from the Sparks.