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Brittney Griner = beast?

I’ve been hearing about Brittney Griner for a long time now. Since she signed with Baylor, I hear even more.

A couple days ago, Griner had an incredible game. Her 38 points out-scored the entire team of opponents. She also grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 12 shots for her 15th double-double of the season. If that wasn’t enough, her first and last bucket were dunks, upper her total to 30 so far this year.

Here’s the story:

The game before that, Griner had five dunks. Video:

Of course there are naysayers who maintain that Griner is one-dimensional and over-hyped because “all she does is dunk.” Her stats seem pretty complete, though. Maybe those are the same people who like to say Candace Parker isn’t that good. Whatever the case, I am looking forward to seeing Griner play college hoops next year.