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Baugh sustains knee ligament sprain

NEW JERSEY – Tennessee forward Vicki Baugh suffered a left knee ligament sprain today in practice – the same knee in which she tore her anterior cruciate ligament last April. But an X-ray revealed that the ACL is fine, and that Baugh sprained her lateral collateral ligament.

Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt told the Knoxville News Sentinel that Baugh was relieved to find out it was not her ACL. The Sentinel reported that Baugh had fallen to the court and “reacted in a strong, spontaneous fashion.”

(I wish they’d say what exactly that means).

The Vols, who are in town to play Rutgers Saturday, apparently are the target of resentment from Scarlet Knights Coach C. Vivian Stringer, according to the piece. Referring to last year’s controversial Vols win after a clock malfunction, Stringer told the Sentinel that “she’ll remember that.”

A lot of subplots, to be sure. Here’s the link:

I’m lovin the footnote that Shannon Bobbitt visited the Vols today.

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