Stats are a many-splendored thing

With Texas’ 60-55 loss to San Diego State tonight, they are removed from the list of teams that are still undefeated. Notre Dame came close to being upset, but they hung on to beat Vanderbilt by two. The unbeaten teams are:

Kansas State
Mississippi State
North Carolina
Notre Dame
Texas A&M
Wake Forest
Wisconsin-Green Bay

I appreciate the stat freaks on, who have tallied the results of all the conference games over the last three days, since games resumed after the holiday. The game results are interesting, to say the least:

Big East 20-0
Big 12 12-1
ACC 16-3
SEC 13-5
Pac-10 4-6

The Pac-10 had been 4-4 going into tonight, but USC and Washington both lost. What is up with those two programs? I wish I knew.

Finally, I enjoyed watching the Tennessee-Gonzaga game even though I wasn’t there, and it’s not just because the Vols won. The Zags are very good and they don’t give up, and I like that. Lyssi Brewer’s no-look pass to Vicki Baugh under the basket, and later on, Baugh’s behind-the-back crossover as she went up for a layup, gave me the vapors. Tennessee is starting to gel, and it’s a scary thing because conference play hasn’t even begun yet.

On the non-game tip, I really like the homemade T-shirts of Angie and Jami’s parents Kris and Jim Bjorklund – “TennZaga.” Hell, I remember seeing the sisters playing in the state playoffs at the Tacoma Dome in 2005…………

All but five of tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve games will be played early. Only three of the top 25 teams will hit the hardwood: Connecticut, Duke and Ohio State.