College, High School


What do you know but the game of last night did turn out to be Alabama and Florida A&M: 70-68, Bama. The Crimson Tide are doing better than people thought they would this season so far.

So is UCLA, who routed Rice last night, 82-64. Even I am surprised, although it’s no reflection on Coach Nikki Caldwell, who is outstanding. It’s just hard even for great coaches to begin their first season head coaching at 8-1, no matter who they are – and with the loss of a starter two games ago, no less.

In the back of my mind, I wonder if Caldwell will be the one to fill the planet-sized shoes that Pat Summitt will leave behind in a couple decades when she may retire. It would take an extremely exceptional coach to do that, if indeed Summitt is able to retire before death. (I’m not sure that’s possible). Anyway.

Oregon lost yet again last night, to Marquette by 30 points. Their 3-5 record makes me sad, because I think Bev Smith’s firing has begun to appear as the writing on the wall. Not good.

Finally last night, Arizona beat UC Riverside, 53-48, improving their record to 6-4.

Tonight, Tennessee takes on Old Dominion (yikes!), Texas and Arizona State will go at it, and Connecticut will beat the crap out of Washington. I was thinking of going to see Oregon State at Irvine, but I can’t deal with the drive out there, and I have to pack for my trip home. I will, however, be going to see the Duke-USC game tomorrow night.

High School

Yesterday I again tried to go see View Park Prep play, and again their game was moved. But the head coach is going to send me their schedule and I WILL go watch them at some point. They’re kicking butt right now, so I’ve gotta see it.

Since christmas and new year’s are both in the middle of the week this year, most high school teams are taking some time off, as there are virtually no tournaments scheduled next week. Most kick in on Dec. 26. Even the Nike Tournament of Champions has been split into two weeks this year.

Sadly, that means there will be no high school games for me for a bit now. But I am looking very much forward to the Fairfax Tournament the first week in January when I’m back from Seattle. That tournament is always loaded, and this year is no exception. I’m sitting here looking at the bracket, and Fairfax, Dorsey, View Park, Washington, Crenshaw, Granada Hills, Carson and maybe even LB Poly (I’m not sure what “Poly Tech” refers to) all play on the first day. It looks like I’ll be living there that entire week.

And finally, in celebration of this – my 100th post – let me say: WOOT WOOT!!