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One week, two teams, four losses

Apparently St. Mary’s of Stockton lost again last night – to Clovis West, in the championship game of the latter team’s tournament. St. Mary’s had played four hours earlier, beating Hanford. That’s two losses in a week for the (formerly) number one-ranked high school team.

Tonight, also for the second time in a week, Cal lost. Theirs was at the hands of Oklahoma, who had been down by 26 at the half and rallied to come back. Ouch! When the ratings come out Monday, I won’t expect to see Cal in the top 10 anymore. Double ouch.

It makes you wonder about the momentum of a loss. Sometimes a team can let that first loss get in their heads, and they start thinking negatively. Obviously I don’t know what’s up in the St. Mary’s or Cal locker rooms, but we’ll see if they can each put their respective losses behind them sooner, or later.

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