What’s up with Rutgers? (And transfers who can play)

They barely pulled it out against Prarie View A&M tonight, 58-56. They had a nine-point lead in the first half and had to hang on for dear life to win in the second. They are really struggling so far this season. I wonder why.

Box score:


On one message board, someone posted that a rumor is flying around that Nikki Speed is about to join Jasmine Dixon in transferring. Do people just look at the box score, see that Speed was the only Scarlet Knight not to play tonight, and make stuff up?

Speaking of transfers. I was reading on another message board that former USC forward Morghan Medlock, who mysteriously transferred to Baylor last spring, is playing for her new team rather than sitting out the season, as most transfers do. Check the stats – she’s played in all nine games so far this season:


How is this possible? Basketball guru Clay Kallam said there is a “hardship rule” in the NCAA. That opens up a whole other can of worms. USC never officially acknowledged Medlock’s departure from the program, and Baylor never said anything on their end except, “she’s here.” What kind of hardship could she have incurred at USC?

Finally, I wonder when Jasmine Dixon will announce the school she is transferring to.