Surprising losses

I listened to the last part of the audio feed, and I hated to hear Cal lose. They had been undefeated before going down to TCU at home tonight, and it had been fun riding the Cal train. I hope they’ll use this as motivation for future games, and I hope they don’t fall too far down in the rankings.

Maryland also bit it again, getting blown out by Pittsburgh 86-57. They sure are inconsistent this year – and quiet. You don’t hear much from them. What happened to the spirit of the 2006 championship team? Like the Seattle Storm, it makes you wonder if it was just a mistake.

The last upset tonight was Bonaventure’s victory over Michigan State, who had been ranked 24.

Tomorrow both Baylor and Rutgers play, but I will be on the road, as my schedule is busy this week.

Monday I’m heading to the Redondo Union tournament to check out Washington Prep and whomever else I want to see; Tuesday I’m catching the Southwest CC-Pasadena CC game; Wednesday it’s the View Prep game; Thursday no live action, but Tennessee action; Friday it’s Dorsey-Crenshaw day. If Prep makes it to the championship game, I’ll have to go back to Redondo Saturday.

I wore my Santa hat that’s orange with black lines like a basketball to the UCLA game today. One of my daughters from another mother said I think basketball 24/7.