UCLA 104, Cal State Bakersfield, 57

And I thought the Northridge game was a blowout.

The Bruins put such a whoop on CSB last night that it was hard to believe. Before the Roadrunners (great name, huh?) made their last basket, UCLA was up by 50 points.

The Bruins are starting to look consistent, which is what every coach strives for.

Like Sunday, the Bruins shot about 46 percent for the game last night, including 45 percent for both halves instead of just one. And once again, strangely, they grabbed 54 boards and saw four players in double figures. All 12 players scored for the second game in a row, and the scoring was so balanced that no player scored more than 13 points last night. (Christina Nzekwe was one of those players, bettering the career-high she pulled down last weekend). Not coincidentally, no player was in the game for more than 22 minutes.

UCLA set or tied season-highs in points scored (104), rebounds (54), three-pointers made (seven), blocks (five) and assists (23). This is the Bruins’ best start since the 2004-05 season. Color me very impressed.

Coach Nikki Caldwell looked like a model last night in her scoop-neck sweater and large gold necklace. Bakersfield is to be commended for bringing a large contingent of fans and cheerleaders.

Sitting in front of us were three little girls. During a timeout, Chinyere Ibekwe was making faces at one of them. The kid said her auntie, Noelle Quinn, used to play for the Bruins. That said a lot about the closeness of the team that players would still know the relatives of former players.

There aren’t as many details to report of late because blowouts tend to go smoothly. But Sunday’s game against Nevada might pose a challenge for UCLA, as that team beat Louisville recently. I actually would like some kind of a game, because while I’m very happy the Bruins are gelling, blowouts are kind of boring.