What in the name of basketball is going on?

I’ve never seen so many upsets in one week in my life as we’ve seen this week.

Today, despite Stanford losing PG JJ Hones for what sounds like will be the season, the Cardinal destroyed Rutgers, 81-47. I turned it on after the Tennessee game and couldn’t even watch it after a few minutes. Granted, I think the Scarlet Knights were overrated at 2, but I didn’t see annihilation coming.

Michigan upset number 12 Vanderbilt. Florida upset 21st-ranked Florida State. Number 20 Auburn took down 18th-ranked Ohio State. And though neither is ranked, it’s somewhat surprising that Temple beat Illinois.

So what’s up?

Please, share your thoughts.


Some of my favorite Pac-10 teams won today, as Washington State beat Montana State and Arizona defeated UC Santa Barbara.

I wish Oregon had seen the same results, though. With their loss to South Dakota State today, they are at .500 on the season so far.

UCLA lost to Maryland today, and I’m less surprised by that. Those who were there said the Bruins looked good in the second half, as usual.