Diggins signs, college hoops stays upright on its axis for the night

Unsurprisingly, at least for me, was that Skylar Diggins decided to remain in her home state and signed with Notre Dame this week. At a press conference last night in South Bend, IN, the point guard unsnapped her high school letter jacket to reveal an “Irish 4” T-shirt. The third-ranked player in her class said she liked the idea of playing where her family could come to games. She will retain her number 4 in college.


In the meantime, second-ranked Kelsey Bone has said she may not make up her mind until the late signing period in April. That’s interesting to me, as top-ranked players don’t usually wait. I wonder what’s up with the Bone?

No major upsets in college hoops tonight, although Texas A&M had to struggle mightily to hold off Michigan. And what is Texas doing beating up on Texas A&M Community College? That should have been a pre-season game.

In the world of the pros, the Shock signed Bill Laimbeer to a new two-year contract today. Like he was ever going to leave. He loves coaching that team.