Whew! USC’s Parker is OK

The news this morning wasn’t good – senior center Nadia Parker was hit by a car yesterday when riding her bicycle on campus. She was thrown off the bike and onto the hood of the car, smashing the windshield. It doesn’t get much more scary than that. (http://dailytrojan.com/news/student_hit_by_car_near_campus)

But thankfully, Parker’s arm isn’t broken, said USC women’s basketball spokeswoman Darcy Couch.

Couch said Parker, who lead the team in points and rebounds last season, has “cuts, bruises and a lot of soreness.” Parker may miss the team’s first exhibition game, but her injuries are not season-ending, according to Couch.

I’m very glad to hear this. For a team that just lost two players to ACL tears this year, losing a starter would be thoroughly miserable.