It’s on like donkey kong

Today is the first official day of basketball practice for Division I colleges, as per NCAA rules. In a half hour here on the west coast, some colleges, including USC, will have a “midnight madness” practice. Two weeks from Sunday is the first game for Pac-10 teams, and my first chance to use one of my Bruin season tickets.

What a relief. I am jonesin’ for some hoops. The NCAA website says, “only five months ’til March,” but hey – I say don’t wish it away. These are some of the best months of the year.

Here’s Duke’s write-up:

Tennessee didn’t waste any time, rolling out with the male practice team. Glory Johnson’s arms are ridiculous:

Oklahoma’s first practice left Coach Sherri Coale happy:

And though they aren’t ranked, I hope Louisiana Tech will be again soon. I am pulling for Associate Head Coach Teresa Weatherspoon and the rest of the staff to help the Techsters return to their glory days.

Let the games begin!