Just wow

The Sparks came out with the energy tonight that was missing on Sunday. I was calling and texting people; they were calling and texting me. That fourth quarter was pretty damned scary for a minute, though. My heart was beating really fast. I’m so glad that my young neighbor (the high school student who I watched a lot of the Olympics with) came to watch that part of the game with me, or I would have screamed even louder and scared people.

Highlights for me:

– CP’s wicked ass left-hand shot in the second quarter.

– Bobbitt’s falling jumper on the right wing at the very end of the third quarter.

– The way the Sparks kept their composure.

– Bobbitt had no TO’s, and CP was the high scorer with 20.

– When they showed the Sparks in the tunnel before the game and they were jumping up and down and screaming.

– Seeing the Sparks owners sitting right behind the bench, quietly slapping hands after the game was over.

– Bobbitt goosing CP in the post-game interview, while the entire team bombarded her and took her out of her interview persona.

– Ashley Robinson showing some spunk tonight; coming back to the huddle after a little pushing with Delisha Milton-Jones and saying to her team, “let’s go, muthafuckas!” At least that’s what I read on her lips when they bleeped it out. I didn’t know the young lady had the chutzpah like that. It makes me love her more.

But it’s a little sad, too. I will always love the Seattle Storm, and it was great to see the crowd at their screaming and hysterical best tonight. You could hear individual fans yelling weird crap when the rest of the arena was quiet. They are crazy, and I wish every WNBA arena could be like that. I also hope that someday the Storm can remain injury-free for a season and have another championship, because they’ve been so dogged by that problem the last four years.

I’m so happy to have another game to go to Thursday. I wasn’t ready for the season to be over yet. Again, I have to give credit to the Sparks for believing it into reality. That stuff does work.

PS – Yes, I did know it – I knew the Sparks were going to win. I knew it right before I went to sleep last night.