Parity? Yes.

I haven’t enjoyed a WNBA finals series this much before. I’m not usually compelled to watch every game, but I have been since Thursday.

Tonight the New York Liberty defeated Connecticut in a close game, which made me very happy for that young team. Right after that, San Antonio and Sacramento went to overtime, where the Stars prevailed. What a night! I ended up doing some chores during the SASS-Sac game, or I could have sat on my booty for four hours and watched it all.

Of course I am nervous for the Sparks-Storm final game of the series tomorrow night. But what I truly adore is the attitude of the entire Sparks organization. All season long the players and head coach have been unwavering in saying they would win a championship. Season ticket holders today got an email from team owners Kathy Goodman and Carla Christofferson talking about how the next games would be at Galen Center, and how they were so excited to be in the playoffs. And I got a personal email from a Sparks staffer asking me if I was going to be at the next playoff game (duh!). Their philosophy seems to align with that in several of my spiritual books, and one I also practice: believe it into being.

I love it.

When the WNBA first started, the Comets took the first four championships, and the Sparks the next two. Good teams were great and the new teams were bad.

Since 2003 there have been five different champions – a different one every year – and the teams that used to be bad are all playoff contenders. It’s difficult to make a team and then stay on it for the season. And this is the first time in the league’s history that all four opening round series have gone to three games and no one’s swept anyone in two. Tonight’s overtime was also the second one so far in this year’s playoffs.

Now that’s parity, baby. It’s a beautiful thing.