Sunday, May 31, 2020
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U19s win gold!!!!!!!!!!

Freakin’ awesome. I’m hoping some of the players (or at least one) will have some stories to tell, either on- or off-court.

Say No Classic has website up to speed

The website features scores from last weekend. Some game photos here, and the newsletter with the standings includes some interesting info:

The UCLA faithful should be
excited when Jasmine Dixon
suits up in December. Dixon
scored a game high 26 points
in the win.

I was poised to see her and UCLA teammate Darxia Morris play today, but all the Bruins were at kids camp at their school, teaching young ballers all they know. A good thing, but I was disappointed.

The standings going into today’s games puts my team in a tie for fourth, which works for me. I want to see some playoff action next weekend, yo.

Here are some photos from last Saturday:

Coach Onye Ibekwe on the sidelines while his T.E.A.M. ’09 plays.

Recently-graduated Bruin Chinyere Ibekwe watches the action with a friend.

Storm celebrate 10 years of existence

Great pics here of last night’s fan event to celebrate a decade of the Seattle Storm.

Most members of the fan-elected All-Decade Team showed up, including the beloved Simone Edwards, Kamila Vodichkova and Adia Barnes. Other players also appeared, including Astou Ndiaye-Diatta, Michelle Marciniak and Jamie Redd. Great old school picture here.

Those early days of the Storm were rough ones, because they weren’t that good of a team. And the tension between Marciniak and former Coach Lin Dunn and Redd and Dunn was legendary.

Two former players who I wonder about are Sonja Henning and Edna Campbell. I assume Henning is still practicing law, but I wonder what else she’s up to. And we haven’t heard anything from Campbell since her successful battle against cancer. I hope she’s well.

Oh, and whatever happened to Quacy Barnes?

Happy anniversary, Storm. I’ll always love ya.

Sparks 59, Sacramento 56

What to think of this box score?

I’m not thrilled that the Sparks had to rally to beat the worst team in the league, but a “w” is a “w,” and I’ll take it.

LA Sparks on twitter reported that “the trainer said BL will see no action tonight.” I asked why, but no reply as of yet. What happened to Betty Lennox??!! I’m trying not to worry.

Another pondering: why did Marie Ferdinand-Harris not play last game and saw one minute of action tonight? Should we be concerned about that too?

CP’s stats are looking more like her….a double-double, at that. Good sign.

Ever since the LA Times ran the story about Vanessa Hayden’s poor conditioning, her production has taken a dip. Zero points tonight, in fact. Hang in there, VH1. Keep doing what you were doing before.

The next game for the Sparks is Tuesday at noon – camp day! I always love that game. It doesn’t take much to excite the little kids.

Edit to add: Kathy Goodman’s blog entry about this game. Best line:

Lindsay releases the ice into her veins and the ball into the air and makes both free throws….

Letter to the WNBA

Dear WNBA,

First I was watching the Sparks-Monarchs game online this evening on, and the feed died with six seconds to go. I had to find out from twitter that the Sparks won, 59-56.

Not a half hour later, I was watching the Storm-Silver Stars game, and the feed died just after the game went into overtime. I had to find out from other sources, once again, that the Storm won, 85-82.

Why is this service still not working correctly more than halfway into the season? Why was is malfunctioning in the first place? Did you not check and verify the service before you made it available to the public? Why not? And why, with the amount of out of work people in the country right now, can’t you hire a computer tech to come in and fix the problem?

I’m going to make a suggestion to you, because you’re obviously too busy to handle your business: get some teens to fix it. Go to a high school anywhere in New York City and ask teachers there who knows about computers. Then take those kids to your office and let them get to work. As a high school teacher, I can vouch for the fact that they know what they’re doing. They’ve fixed my computer at school when the computer tech guys are slow in getting to my office. They’ve showed me how to navigate and perform other functions. They can fix your “live access” issues so fans could actualy get to see games, and in their entirety.

Let’s get crackin on this. Now.

No love,


WNBA news, plus a lil sociology

Swin Cash kept fighting, now has a successful WNBA career, and is going to turn her journal writings into a book. I like the chutzpah and the intellectualism behind that.

Candace Parker’s hometown newspaper maintains Lisa Leslie isn’t getting the proper sendoff, and I have to agree. I’ve never been a Leslie fan, but it’s sad to me that three of the biggest names in the game – Yolanda Griffith, Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie – are going out with a whimper and not a bang this year. Each of them have been around for almost two decades, and they deserve more than this.

Finally, on the sociological tip, a Canada online publication writes about a study that found female athletes still apologize for being jocks. But here’s one big positive out of this piece:

“Unfortunately, those types of stereotypes exist, but you have seen a shift,” she says. “Little girls don’t necessarily want to be the skinny models anymore. They want to be fit — healthy and muscular is becoming cool.”

U19s race through semis, will face Spain again in finals tomorrow

The only reason movie-makers invent scenarios like the one the U19s will face tomorrow is that they occur in real life. After a nice win over Canada that featured fairly balanced scoring between the Americans, team USA will face Spain in the finals tomorrow night – the same team that dropped them in the opening round almost two weeks ago. If our young ladies win, it would certainly be poetic.

I wish this game was on TV.

Hoopism is 1

Today is the first anniversary of this blog, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s emailed me, posted here and slipped me tips and information. Thanks for your contributions.

If you have a story you think needs to be written, an issue that should be investigated, a question or a comment, don’t hesitate to email me at:

Cal Swish beats Boo Williams!

48-40 in the Nike Nationals title game in North Augusta. I admit I’m surprised, but happily so:

The Swish led for practically the entire game. It opened up a double-digit lead with 10 minutes left in the second half and refused to let Boo Williams’ press dissolve that lead.

Another view here.

I wonder who Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis will play for next summer?

Hey, I think that’s it for the July recruiting period, ladies and gentlemen. Young ballers everywhere are now breathing a sigh of relief.

Michael T White LA Tournament recap and pictures

Check it out, y’all.

Here’s another photo of champions JBS Purple from Monday, as they were beating Cal Sparks Gold (black uniforms):

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