Thursday, June 20, 2019
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If Tim Floyd resigns…….

….as he did today, does this mean Michael Cooper will move to the USC men’s side?

Jacki Gemelos has yet ANOTHER setback!

The USC guard is now out until next January, following another surgery. Is this young lady ready to call it a career? Is USC?

ACL graft replacement surgery

Rivals united

Love this story about the way former Blue Devils and Terps are working hard together on the Washington Mystics team:


I don’t think much of (usually media-created) rivalries, because a lot of the women who end up playing college and pro together have known each other for years, since they were kids. I loved Duke back in the Alana Beard years, and have enjoyed the Terps for five. Here’s hoping they can finally have a winning season in D.C. The fans deserve it.

Quotes of note

“I’m going to be the Jack Nicholson of the L.A. Sparks.”
Hip hop artist Snoop Dogg on becoming the team’s biggest celebrity fan.

“It is a family outing for us. We want to come see Lisa Leslie and all of the Sparks play. Everyone is going to the NBA Finals, we wanted to come to something that is less about what fans are at the game, and more about the game.”
Hip hop artist Snoop Dogg on attending Sparks games following the Sparks’ 78-58 win over the Detroit Shock

I love the Snoop Dogg comments with all my heart, but there’s something on this page for everybody:

Quotes on the dot-com

UO, Briann January updates

The LA Times, which pays no attention to women’s basketball, finally figured out that Paul Westhead was hired as the University of Oregon coach two months ago:

Another “that crazy Westhead” story

And Briann January gleans from the pros…..but in today’s 11-player roster world, what rookie isn’t.

Learnin’ the ropes

LA Watts games kick off this Saturday

After the Watts riots in 1965, the community set about to repair not only the physical damages to the area, but the wounds to the psyche. One of those efforts was the creation of the LA Watts Summer Games – a multi-day sports festival showcase of the best high school teams, in all sports.

As the 42nd annual games is set to kick off this weekend, events are no longer only in Watts; they haven’t been for years. Instead, they are spread throughout the southern Los Angeles area, at various high schools.

The girl’s basketball brackets look to be very competitive this year. There are four school sites that host the showcase round and first round Saturday, with the first four (showcase) games at 9, 10, 11 a.m. and 12 p.m., and the first round games at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

Kicking off the showcase round at Crenshaw High School at 9 a.m., Carson will face Mayfair, Crenshaw will take on Culver City at 10, Cajon will play Serra at 11, and Village Christian will go against Long Beach Poly #2 at noon.

Down the road at Washington Prep High School, Prep faces El Camino Real at 9 in a playoffs rematch from February. Peninsula will take on Des. Mirage at 10, Dorsey and Narbonne will have the battle of the green at 11, and Hamilton will play South Torrance at noon.

At 9 a.m. at King-Drew High School in Watts, the host team will face Monroe, Long Beach Poly #1 will take on Palisades at 10, Dominguez and Hawthorne will go at it at 11, and Alemany will go against Locke at noon.

The final site is Morningside High School in Inglewood. Lynwood plays North Torrance at 9, Morningside goes against Arleta at 10, Canoga Park faces Huntington Park at 11, and Long Beach Millikan and Southeast take each other on at noon.

From there, most teams travel to other sites for their first round match ups in the afternoon. The only guaranteed exceptions are the host teams at each site, which stay put in their home locations.

In the past, I’ve gone from school to school for the action, but this year I’m staying at one school for the duration of the weekend. It’s going to be wonderful to see some high school ball (my first love) again. It’s only been three months since the season has been over, but I miss it.

LA Watts Summer Games home page

Hackney set for Northwestern visit

Kendall Hackney hasn’t been granted a release from her letter of intent to USC, but has been promised she will be once she finds another school.

Almost gone?

Holdsclaw joins the 4000-point club

Atlanta may have lost today, but Chamique Holdsclaw scored her 4000th point in the WNBA on a pair of free throws. She is only the ninth player in the league’s history to do so. Not bad for her second game back.

Welcome to the club

Quotes on Sparks-Shock from LA Times, + pictures

Of course the LA Times put the short game story on page 15 of today’s sports section, and naturally, the story isn’t online.

Reporter Mark Medina writes on the Pierson-Thompson incident:

Laimbeer said afterward that ‘Tina did it on purpose.’ Cooper wanted to see the replay but noted, ‘Bill is always going ot have a different take on things.’ And Thompson said, ‘I’ve never intentionally hurt or fouled anyone in the game.’

People either assume everyone else is lying, or they assume everyone else is telling the truth. I’m the latter, so TT’s comment is good enough for me.

Medina quotes Cooper on the Sparks:

‘You don’t want anything like last year to happen again,’ Cooper said. ‘I’m glad we just kept our focus. What we were doing was playing good basketball.’

That first sentence is telling. Indeed.

Pics from

Happy Bobbitt and CP

LL and Snoop Dogg

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