Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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WNBA news: diversity study, Tulsa?

The league gets an A in diversity, according to a study.

And it looks like Tulsa may soon have a WNBA team. Does anyone else think that’s an odd location for a franchise?

Angel McCoughtry puts things in perspective

Two things I like about the Atlanta forward are that she’s reflective, and she learns quickly. Case in point – meeting a 12-year-old fan who is a cancer patient:

I sent some signed shirts and gifts immediately. I know the doctors say she doesn’t have long to live but I believe she does. And I’m asking all of you to pray for Heather as I will pray for her every night in my prayers.

Before I got to know Heather I was very frustrated because I wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. I would be the first one in the gym and the last one to leave, I would lift extra and do everything coach asked me to do but I still couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t playing. But after meeting Heather I realized my problems just aren’t that bad and I am truly blessed! God has a plan for us all.

That is some strong faith. If I didn’t already like McCoughtry, I would now.

WNBA evening wrap up

It took three OT’s, but the Storm defeated the Sparks 98-87.

Note to Seattle play-by-play guy Dick Fain: the last time Seattle went to triple OT was July 3, 2001 at home against the Mystics. I know – I was there.

ATL beat Detroit in one OT, 98-95.

(Why doesn’t wnba.com list that the game went into an OT or three on the main page? More importantly, why doesn’t live access work most of the time?)

The Lynx snapped the Mercury’s winning streak.

The Liberty won again (!)

And Sacramento lost again. (No punctuation necessary there, as it is no surprise).

Maybe we could have a California “in the basement” party.


Diana Taurasi’s DUI hearing postponed

The Mercury forward’s attorney made the motion to postpone the hearing until Aug. 21.

The NCAA dead period is over…….

All over the country today, young basketball players are in transit as the madness starts again tomorrow.

The summer version of the Nike Tournament of Champions is a huge draw – just look at these brackets. Wow.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, it’s the Sonny Vacarro 11th Reebok Big Time High School Tournament. (Perhaps the longest name for a tournament I’ve ever heard).

Then Sunday, Michael T White brings a tournament to the west coast, at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA. The Showtime National Championships west have four brackets: 17 and under bracket A, 17 and under bracket B, 17 and under signature bracket A, 17 and under signature bracket B.

I know I’ve said it before, but WOO!

Class of 2010 recruiting update

Some senior players have already made their college choices four months before the first signing period.

Today’s latest – Hazel Ramirez and Alexis Love – are good to hear about. I sat with Ramirez’ parents during one of their daughter’s Cal Sparks Gold games last week at the HAX Summer Jam Tournament. Nice people. Ramirez’ mother was joking that she wanted Hazel to stay close to home but was leaving it up to her. Guess she got her wish.

Love is just a great kid, period. Great attitude and hard worker. Loyola is lucky. Here are a couple photos I snapped of the 6’2″ center:

Lex watches a teammate shoot a free throw.

….and a little while later, shoots one of her own.

Quick hits: Chantelle’s commentary, Cooper looking ahead, All-Star design

Former WNBA forward Chantelle Anderson has probably the most sane commentary about DUI-suspended Diana Taurasi to date:

But neither do I think, after all the good she’s done for the community through the league and on her own time, that she should be punished in the court of public opinion for the remainder of her career because of one mistake. Does it make sense that people are mad and maybe a little hurt for a while? Absolutely. Should she be sacrificed as the Michael Vick of the WNBA? No way.

Sparks Coach Michael Cooper is looking ahead to his new job at USC:

“The biggest difference he’ll have is that instead of it being a four-hour-a-day job where once the game is over you don’t have to worry about your players to becoming a much more time consuming venture,” Stanley said……

“He’s in for a tough job there dealing with kids who have yet to pay taxes,” Thompson said. “But he’ll adapt well. He’s a really good coach and hopefully he’ll get them back where they belong among the Pac-10 elite.”

The WNBA All-Star game T-shirt winning design has been revealed. It’s OK, but it’s kind of plain. They should have picked something more edgy.

WNBA names All-Star reserves

The game will be at 12:30 p.m. PDT/3:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, and the rosters are set.

U19s thrash France in friendly exhibition

86-46 yesterday. Diggins and Ogumwike were named co-captains by their teammates. Championship games start Thursday.

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