Friday, March 16, 2018
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Ivory Latta waived!

If this isn’t a sign of how tight the league is this year, I don’t know what is.

Holy Momma

Lynx coach resigns…….

….four days before the season starts

Boy, what a – oh wait, I already called Lauren Jackson that, and I upset an Australian.

No matter, as it seems that many on that message board think this will actually help Minnesota. I hope so. Their time is long overdue.

Sports Illustrates writes about the Claw

Nothing new to those of us who have followed Holdsclaw’s career, but a nice piece nonetheless. And extremely candid about her struggle with depression and suicide attempt:

“Actually, I feel like a rookie again”

(Don’t tell that to Michelle Snow)

The hurtin season

The week leading up to the first WNBA regular season games is never fun, because this is when the cuts that really hurt start going down.

Kiesha Brown was waived by the Mystics today, making her the second Spark from last year (after Murriel Page) to find themselves out of work this summer. San Antonio waived Candyce Bingham, which bummed me out, as I was so hoping she’d make it. Ketia Swanier and Ashley Hayes were also let go by the Sun.

With the slim 11-player rosters this year, there will be more carnage to come, unfortunately.

Mater Dei has three on the U16 National Team

They might not have won the state title, but they’re freaking loaded for the next 2-3 years, at least.

Two sophomores and a freshman

Mercury is now Lifelock (?)

The Phoenix Mercury is the first WNBA team to have a branded jersey, as the league and the Lifelock company announced this morning a contract that extends through 2011: the Phoenix LifeLock

I know money is always good for the league, but ugh. The Mercury should be able to keep its name. No way are fans going to be chanting “go Lifelock!”

New Phoenix Mercury blog

Nice work by this group:

Phoenix Mercury Community

Yes, Chantelle Anderson really got cut

I guess the answer to my question of last night was C. None of the above – the Dream just didn’t get off their booties to post the info until today.

Transaction page

Unsurprisingly, the Mercury also cut Murriel Page.

Sparks 80, Sun 77

The Sparks prevailed over the Sun today in Connecticut, and Rebecca, aka Queenie, was there:

Game Notes of Doom

Interesting that none of the guards showed up big, and that Vanessa Hayden had the points and the plays that she did:

Box score

Opening day only six days from now!

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