Thursday, January 18, 2018
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WNBA pre-season already?

It has begun: New York defeats Washington and Seattle beats Sacramento.

Box scores:

Upcoming pre-season games:

University of Hawaii coaching update

Looks like longtime assistant George Wolfe is interviewing for the head coaching job. Other names said to be in the mix are Colorado assistant Patrick Harrington, former Arizona coach Joan Bonvicini, and former USC coach Mark Trakh:

In the meantime, Hawaii fans are taking sides between the two media sources that have reported on this matter the last few days, posted in this blog:

I suppose we won’t know what’s really going on for a while yet.

Looks like Mark Trakh won’t be going to Hawaii gets the inside dish on the UH’s two finalists for the women’s basketball coaching position, and former USC Coach Mark Trakh (rumored to be in contention for the position) isn’t among them:

Marissa Coleman speaks

Nice video of the Mystic’s rookie forward:

Southern California basketball mom needs help in time of tragedy

A well-known SoCal basketball mother has experienced the worst kind of tragedy in losing a child. Another daughter and a granddaughter are in critical condition after the car crash.

Scott Roczey of Girls Can Hoop sent the following letter out to members of the LA high school basketball community, so I thought I’d publish it here as well. Questions can be referred to Roczey at:

Dear Coaches, Referees and Friends,

Our dear friend Cheryl Pope, who has been an active parent, daily operator of hundreds of basketball leagues and we all might know as Ms. Pope or Momma Pope, has tragically lost her oldest daughter of four, Jovonne Pope (29) in a fatal four-car crash. Her granddaughter and her third oldest daughter, Kiara Crockett-Pope (9) and Cacie Pope (23), are currently in Intensive Care fighting for their lives. Cheryl has been blessed with a giving heart and has gone over and beyond a duty as a mother to her children and in many cases children of the local neighborhoods. It is now our turn to pay it forward to Ms. Pope in her most vulnerable time of need.

Kiara, the granddaughter of Ms. Pope, is currently unaware of the passing of her mother due to her heavy sedation for the next seven days to allow her body to heal from her fractured face, dismantled jaw, which doctors had to reconstruct with numerous amounts of pins, a ghastly head injury, bruised lungs, torn liver, loss of many teeth, shattered bones that were reconstructed in her arm, and an emergency blood transfusion. When a family encounters a death, specifically a child who loses their mother, the emotional trauma the child is left with can be overwhelming and often debilitating. As parents, we try our best to protect our children from having to experience or feel any pain, grief, or anguish that can be brought forth throughout life. In this case, the protection that her mother shielded her with was taken out of her hands suddenly, and is now forever taken. We as family of the Pope’s, write this letter to you and your family asking for any monetary help that you are able to give Kiara so she will be able to have a proper burial for her mother, future emotional and psychological help she might need, future surgeries to reconstruct her beautiful face and teeth, and many other issues Kiara will be faced with as her journey through life continues.

Being a child within today’s society is not an easy task, and being a child whose mother has been tragically taken away from them is even harder. Your family’s monetary donation is very essential and imperative for Kiara and Cacie’s mental and physical rehabilitation, but also for the Pope family overall. Let’s give Cheryl a great monetary heart-warmed gift to embark on re-building the abundant Pope family.

Make donations to ANY Wells Fargo Bank. (SAVINGS) Account Number: 6605745667


Family of the Pope’s

Caldwell says responsibility is what it’s all about

Nikki Caldwell goes back to her roots:

First casualty of WNBA training camp is…….

The Sparks’ third-round pick, Britney Jordan.

That leaves 13 on the roster:

Shannon Bobbitt G
Marie Ferdinand-Harris G
Marta Fernandez G
Vanessa Hayden C
Betty Lennox G
Lisa Leslie C
DeLisha Milton-Jones F
Jessica Moore F-C
Ashley Paris F
Candace Parker F
Noelle Quinn G
Tina Thompson F
Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton F

Only two must be cut to make the WNBA’s new mandatory 11, and they have until June 5 (the day before the season opener) to do it.

I think Jessica Moore will be one of the cuts.

Wondering who fans of other W teams think will be the next go to on their rosters after this second day of camp.

C. Vivian Stringer hires new assistant coach

Ronald Hughey comes aboard:

Stanford writer ponders Paul Westhead

Jake Curtis wonders if Paul Westhead’s up-tempo style is going to mean competition for Stanford’s Tara VanDerveer:

It’s nice of Curtis to feel threatened, but he’s jumping the gun. Westhead has a lot of work to do before he’s at the top of the Pac-10.

USA Basketball teams named

California representation on the U19 team in San Bernadino’s Layshia Clarendon. USA is loaded, with the team also featuring Nnemkadi Ogwumike of Stanford and Indiana’s own Skylar Diggins:

The University team is also stacked, with Jayne Appel and Maya Moore on board, just to name two:

It’ll be a fun summer.

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