Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Quick hits: Chantelle’s commentary, Cooper looking ahead, All-Star design

Former WNBA forward Chantelle Anderson has probably the most sane commentary about DUI-suspended Diana Taurasi to date:

But neither do I think, after all the good she’s done for the community through the league and on her own time, that she should be punished in the court of public opinion for the remainder of her career because of one mistake. Does it make sense that people are mad and maybe a little hurt for a while? Absolutely. Should she be sacrificed as the Michael Vick of the WNBA? No way.

Sparks Coach Michael Cooper is looking ahead to his new job at USC:

“The biggest difference he’ll have is that instead of it being a four-hour-a-day job where once the game is over you don’t have to worry about your players to becoming a much more time consuming venture,” Stanley said……

“He’s in for a tough job there dealing with kids who have yet to pay taxes,” Thompson said. “But he’ll adapt well. He’s a really good coach and hopefully he’ll get them back where they belong among the Pac-10 elite.”

The WNBA All-Star game T-shirt winning design has been revealed. It’s OK, but it’s kind of plain. They should have picked something more edgy.

WNBA names All-Star reserves

The game will be at 12:30 p.m. PDT/3:30 p.m. EDT Saturday, and the rosters are set.

U19s thrash France in friendly exhibition

86-46 yesterday. Diggins and Ogumwike were named co-captains by their teammates. Championship games start Thursday.

Say No league day 4

I watched some more Bruins play today: fresh-faced Rebekah Gardner and the ever-friendly Nina Earl. They’re on T.E.A.M. ’09, which is coached by Onye Ibekwe – not sure how he’s related to graduate Chinyere, but he is.

Bruins in the house: Rebekah Gardner runs toward the hoop during warmups while Nina Earl jogs from it.

Earl and Gardner chattin it up between warmup free throws.

The rosters of these teams are interesting. Azusa Pacific has two teams in the league that consist only of their players. Cal State Dominguez, Cal State LA, Cal State San Bernardino and Compton Community College also each have a squad. The rest of the teams are a mix of D1, 2 and 3 players, JC players, graduates, “undecided”s and those who graduated a loooong time ago.

T.E.A.M. ’09 also includes Tamia Seals, formerly of Texas A&M, and Krystal Clay, a Northridge graduate.

Team Excel’s roster features Bruins Darxia Morris and Jasmine Dixon, who will begin playing in December.

LA Spirit includes a lot of grads: LaSharee Christian (Jackson St), Tierra Henderson (UCLA), Candice Allen (Cal Poly Pomona), Ofa Tulihihifo (Northridge), Charlee Underwood, Toni Thomas and Amber Pruitt (all Fullerton), and perhaps the most intriguing, Willnett Crockett (UConn). One of the youngsters is Brea Olinda MVP Jonae Ervin, who will play at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this fall.

H&S is full of “undecideds” and grads. Probably the most notorious grad is former Trojan Jessica Cheeks, currently an assistant to Colleen Matsuhara at West LA College. Cheeks, who plays in a lot of leagues around LA, will turn 28 in a few weeks. You can’t take the love of the game from some players………….

The woman in charge of the league said the schedule was delayed in getting up on the website, but that it will definitely be posted this week.

Sparks team intro video

Just look at this video, which is played prior to team introductions before every Sparks game at Staples Center. Then tell me why some people on that popular message board thought Nikki Teasley had a chance of coming back to play for LA.

The U19’s are on their way to Thailand

A little bird (and no, it wasn’t on twitter) told me that the U19 National Team is in the air right now, doing their 19-hours time on their way to Thailand to play for the world championship. Before she left, Destiny Williams interviewed with IlliniHQ.com about the trip, the games and the opportunity.

Q & A with Angel McCoughtry

Quirky. Relentless. Energetic. As confident as a hostage negotiator. That is McCoughtry.

The reasons I like her, in a nutshell. Lack of arrogance would be another:

SLAM: What is your main role on this team?
AM: My role on this team, so far, is to come in off the bench and bring energy and an extra spark.

SLAM: How did you handle coming off the bench for the first time in your career?
AM: I don’t mind coming off the bench. It doesn’t bother me. My mentality is whatever I do I’m going to be a beast at it, whether I start or come off the bench.

SLAM: How is it playing with veterans like Chamique Holdsclaw?
AM: The vets are great and they are like my mentors. I look up to all of them.

I wonder what Jeff Walz thinks?


Diana Taurasi suspended for two games without pay for DUI

Mercury’s statement, to which the league said it supports team management’s actions and won’t take further action.

What an unfortunate situation.

Skylar Diggins named national high school athlete of the year

Good for Diggy. Candace Parker and Maya Moore also won best WNBA and best college players, respectively.

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