Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Bev Smith theory

Last Spring when the University of Oregon fired Bev Smith as head basketball coach, readers here commented that they were not surprised, as it had been alleged for years that the native Canadian was a racist. I hadn’t heard this, so I was surprised.

I asked my former junior high school teacher about it. I’ve known Jane for 30 years, and she’s an amazing person, teacher and an upstanding and intelligent person. She’s also been a U of O season ticket holder for the last decade. So if anyone would know what’s the drillio, it would be her.

Jane asked around, and she thought about it for a long time. So long, in fact, that we just finally discussed it this past weekend. She said she’d ascertained that Smith wasn’t a racist, but that her actions could easily be interpreted as such.

Some of the players who have come to the U of O over the years cut their teeth on pickup ball. Learned and played the game in their neighborhoods from friends, siblings, cousins, etc. Jane said that Mac Court crowds LOVED players like that, and would stand up and make noise when they did their thing. But Smith, she explained, was from the school of regimented play, where ballers just straight-out played the game, sans flair. She didn’t want the Ducks to do anything but play the game.

“Instead of accommodating individual styles, she wanted all the players to fit a certain mold,” Jane said. “She just wanted them to play regimented, white girl ball.”


So that’s Jane’s take on it. I wonder what others think.

Are there coaches out there like that? How should coaches coach the game?

First college top 25 list that I’ve seen

Courtesy of SportsPageMagazine.

What do you all think of the predictions? On or off?

University of Washington coach put on blast

Here’s one I missed: Tia Jackson being lambasted by a group of so-called Socialists. The piece also includes this quote from Clay Kallam.


Sounds like a lot of badness in Seattle.

Lynwood League, night 5

It’s hard to pick which game to watch some nights, and tonight was just such an instance.

I picked Lynwood vs. JSerra, which turned out to be a good game. The Lynwood Knights got off to a slow start against an understaffed (several players were sick) JSerra Lions squad. Knights Coach Ellis Barfield indicated his disgust early in the first half when he substituted in all five bench players, and left the starters on the bench for a while. At halftime, the team ran 17s. JSerra, in the meantime, didn’t look like they were missing anyone as they hustled for rebounds and sank shots.

The second half saw Lynwood make a comeback, and the teams were neck and neck most of the remainder of the game. A crucial Knights shot with less than 30 seconds to go put them up 45-43, and on JSerra’s next possession, the Knights stole the ball and held it for the final seconds.

I turned around to see the last five seconds of the Long Beach Poly-Gahr game. Poly bested Gahr 45-43. Pretty strange, huh?

JSerra (red uniforms) boxes out Lynwood, but the Knights’ shot falls anyway.

Lynwood Coach Ellis Barfield didn’t like the way his team was performing, so he had them running 17s at halftime.

JSerra misses a shot towards the end of the game.

Indiana gets homecoming welcome from fans

Unfortunately there’s no pictures in this story, but I hear from an Indianapolis friend who was there that the Fever were a little down, but basically allright. Pictures in this thread.

I like this part of the story:

PHOENIX — The Indiana Fever began with a question: Will there be a next year?
They ended with another question: Will there be a championship next year?

*crossing fingers*

USA Basketball wins Invitational title in Russia

Woot! The game just ended, so not much is available here yet. But a W is a W…..

Tyler Summitt fixin’ to follow in his mother’s foot steps

Cute baby pictures, but the baby is grown up now. And Tyler Summitt wants to coach.

Look out, world.

USA Basketball claims second win

79-65 over Euroleasing Sopron. Booyah.

Tierra Rogers = strength

Nice piece on SF Gate about the young Cal former guard. Is Rogers really that strong, or has she not had time to fully process the whole ordeal and it’s consequences yet? Probably a bit of both.

Phoenix wins

ESPN story.

NBA Fanhouse story.

Rutgers story.

In recent years, such as 2008, we’ve had an exciting WNBA season culminate in a boring finals series. This year we had a lackluster season end with an exciting finals. Maybe someday we can get both in the same year.


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