1. First of all Favor great work as always.

    I remained confused about Sparks if you know what probs are if you have chemistry then what's really goin on?

    What would have happened if they fired Ross after last season and hired Brondello? CON fired Thibault with a winning record. Parker mentioned 3 yrs of same probs so maybe Ross should have been out sooner than later.

    I am really rooting for the Sparks though they remind of my other favorite tm…Golden State Warriors..

  2. Hey my friend, thanks for the props – I appreciate that.

    Since an experience 12 years ago, I've noted that unless you're on a team, you don't truly know what's the situation on that team. Therefore, outside speculation is a waste of time.

    I was surprised when Parker and Ogwumike said the team was that close. It's always been inferred that close relations off-court translate to good chemistry on-court. Obviously that's not so.

    I'm very scholar-based, and did my Master's thesis on how teammates moods and feelings affected each other in the WNBL. Earlier this summer I tried to contact the WNBPA and see if players would be willing to be studied. They didn't even return my call. So I guess we won't know the answers to these questions for a while.

    As for could have/should have, I don't believe in that line of thinking. No disrespect intended. I don't know if the Sparks looked at Brondello as a head coach, but they should have. Then again, would she have been the right fit for the Sparks? They can't seem to find a coaching fit to save their lives.

    "What's really goin on" is that the Sparks need some leadership. This season was painful.

  3. Wow what an interesting background you have.

    You know I luv sports in general and you dont want to be nosy (well sometimes I do lol), but sometimes you just want to know what makes these players tick, what makes some play extremely well together and others not so much…

    So I hope WNBPA give you call back it seems like it could be very beneficial to all parties…maybe even spark more interest in the W…