Spurs hire Becky Hammon as an assistant coach

Becky Hammon will join the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach after she retires at the end of this WNBA season. She is the second woman to serve on an NBA staff.

In a press conference today, Hammon said she is “looking forward to learning from these guys,” AKA the other Spurs coaches. They need to be learning things from her, too.


  1. The concern implicit in your last sentence here is unnecessary, Sue. While Gregg Popovich might well be the classiest act in the sports world nowadays (definitely the quirkiest), he ain't about making social statements — he's ALL about winning.
    His comment ("she knows when to speak up, and she knows when to shut up")is a good omen — if not a guaran-damn-tee — in the way that we both want it to be. Trust me, my friend.

    I know you don't follow the NBA as closely as I do, but an association with Pop and the Spurs has become almost a minimal requirement to become a first-time NBA coach.
    Hammon couldn't be in a better spot to be the kind of pioneer we hope she'll be.

    Oops, got long-winded yet again. Sorry.

  2. I'm saying that I hope the Spurs will realize they can learn something from her, and that it's not just her in there trying to learn things. She has a lot of playing experience that has turned into wisdom. I'm tired of men always being thought of as the teachers and women as the learners. There is still so much sexism in athletics and sports. Hopefully she'll be treated as a bonified assistant coach.

  3. She is in the right organization for exactly what you are hoping. Hell, Skip Bayless predicted she'd be the NBA's first female head coach on national TV this AM.

    Pop wants her to speak up — and we all need to shut up at times.

    Methinks you're being too hasty to think the worst. That is invariably counter-productive, IMO.

    Please re-read the initial sentence of my previous comment.