Mediocrity or parity?

ESPN ponders the exact question that I have seen on twitter for the last two weeks: is there parity or mediocrity in the WNBA? Because only three teams have winning records: Phoenix, Minnesota and Atlanta. Power rankings for the week:

1. Phoenix
2. Minnesota
3. Atlanta
4. Washington
5. San Antonio
6. Indiana
7. Los Angeles
8. New York
9. Seattle
10. Tulsa
11. Chicago
12. Connecticut

It’s definitely not mediocrity. This is probably the best-skilled WNBA we’ve ever seen, as showcased in the All-Star game.

It’s some serious parity, as all of that talent is spread out amongst the league’s 12 teams.

Players of the week:

….are Ivory Latta for the East and Maya Moore for the West.

More WNBA news…..


Maya Moore has become the face of the league.


….have signed Waltiea Rolle to a second seven-day contract.

Eye of the Storm: Tanisha Wright.


Mistie Bass blogs.


Ivory Latta discusses a recent cancer scare.


  1. The WNBA most definitely does not suffer from a lack of quality players … and within five years I truly believe every team will be sporting a squad like the current Mercury in terms of size and skill. Not all will have a Griner, but the sub-six-footer is rapidly becoming obsolescent.

    I'd love to see the league conduct a one-on-one tournament as the NBA did way back when. (–nba.html)

    They perhaps could schedule it during the opening weeks of the NBA season — maybe play the championship match on Christmas Day when live hoop is on the tube from sun-up to sun-down.
    Heck, I think I would have enjoyed an O. Sims vs. J. Loyd battle more than the Baylor/ND tournament game last season.

    Just a thought.